Torrential rains in California: a child carried away by the waters under the eyes of his mother

Torrential rains have hit California (USA) in recent weeks, causing major flooding. On Wednesday January 11, a 5-year-old boy was swept away by the current.

Precipitation levels not reached for 150 years

The California was hit on Wednesday by heavy rainfall, caused by a cyclone. While the torrential rains of the previous days have already caused major flooding, uprooted several trees and cut roads, the situation could worsen. According to the media, some regions have recorded levels of precipitation not reached for 150 years.

A sad incident

Kayl, a 5-year-old boy, was swept away Wednesday by the waters under the eyes of his mother, Lindsey. While they were on their way to school, their car suddenly fell into a water hole, report our colleagues from RTL. The woman was able to get her son out of his car seat, but failed to get him to safety. The current being too strong, the child was carried away by the waters.

The child’s mother recounts this nightmare

“Kayl said to me ‘mum, it’s going to be fine’. I tried to hold his hand, but the current was pushing him away from me. He was swept away and I saw his hand emerge from the water “Lindsey tells the American channel ABC. The child has not yet been found, but the search is continuing. As the rain continues to pour down on San Diego, the chances of finding him alive are slim.

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