tourists save him after hearing his screams

The worst nightmare of anyone who embarks on an adventure at sea came true when Steven Bruemmera 62-year-old retired surfer and teacher, was attacked by a White shark on a California beach.

Fortunately for him, two strangers who were walking in the area heard his desperate cries and, in addition to helping him get out of the danger zone, they gave him the first aid that saved his life.

The events occurred this week in Lovers Point Beach en Pacific Grovesouth of Monterey County, when the experienced swimmer was suddenly attacked by the shark, causing serious injuries to his leg and torso.

“The shark bite was unfortunate. But after that, I was very lucky,” Bruemmer explained to KION-TV station in a statement, acknowledging that the fact that the beach was full and without waves made it easier for them to hear him all the way to the other side.

“He was screaming, calling for help, you could tell from the sound and the emotion in his voice that something was definitely wrong and he was hitting the water,” said Paul Bandy, the police officer rowing alongside his wife, who is a nurse. The couple was in that place celebrating their wedding anniversary and they ended up being protagonists of a heroic story, along with a surfer who without hesitation went into the sea and took an extra board to move it.

The three took him wounded to the shore: “They made me grab the surfer’s ankle while he rowed like crazy to take me to the beach.” There he was supported by other medical professionals who happened to be on the beach. In his stories, Steven Bruemmer recalls that strangers knew what they were doing, they helped him put on tourniquets to avoid a major tragedy before being transferred to Natividad Medical Center.

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“I remember lying in the ambulance and thinking, ‘My lungs are fine. I can breath.’ So I didn’t know if he was going to bleed to death, but my lungs were fine,” he told the same station.

At the hospital, Bruemmer was operated on by doctors Nicholas Rottler and Kuong Ngann, who concentrated on him for two hours. Rottler stated that the man he lost so much blood that a 30-unit transfusion was necessary for your recovery. In addition, he said that he was lucky that the bites did not damage any organs or break bones or arteries, the story would have been different.

The swimmer, his family and the authorities recognized the great work and courage of the three people who responded to his call for help. In addition, they appreciated the timely work of the doctors. Later, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed that it was a great white shark, information obtained from DNA studies.

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As a precautionary measure, they decided to close the beach for 72 hours, starting on Wednesday when the events occurred, and although the county fire team tried to locate the white shark by flying over the area with drones, it was unsuccessful.

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