tragic collision between two helicopters in Australia

Two helicopters flying over the Gold Coast in Australia on Monday collided. Four people lost their lives in this tragic accident, including a pilot quickly identified as Ashley Jenkinson. Three other people were seriously injured, says The exact causes of the collision are not known but it appears that one helicopter was taking off when the other was landing, authorities said. The occupants of one of the two helicopters, which managed to land on the beach, managed to escape with minor injuries. The four dead people were all in the same aircraft. Among the injured are a woman and young boys who were taken to hospital in serious condition.

Several people paid tribute on Monday to Ashley Jenkinson, described as a “heroic” man in particular because of his actions last year during intense floods in the region, indicates “This amazing chief pilot has flown many round trips for people in need, including in very remote areas,” his friend Billie Frank wrote on Facebook. “Flying is not an easy task. Concentration and precision are constant, but as usual, Ash did it to help flood victims. I can not believe it. You were a truly magnificent soul that lit up every place you passed. You are going so much to us my…

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