Train chaos in London and Birmingham as passengers stranded for 24 hours speak of ‘Bedlam’ and businesses warn ‘do NOT travel’

The TRAIN chaos continues tonight as commuters are stranded on railways across the country, with warnings issued for Britons not to travel.

The record-breaking heatwave has wreaked havoc on the railways, leaving passengers in London and Birmingham stranded and stations crowded.

Passengers at Euston station in London have been hit by travel chaos following the heatwaveCredit: PA
There are currently no trains passing through Birmingham New Street station following yesterday’s record breaking heatwaveCredit: BPM

Britons trying to travel by train faced chaos after temperatures hit 40C on Tuesday, a new UK record, causing damage to overhead wires and signaling systems as tracks caught fire.

Tonight’s issues come after rail companies were forced to ask commuters not to travel unless absolutely necessary while vital repairs are carried out.

More than two dozen services from London King’s Cross and Euston have been canceled or delayed.

The East Coast Main Line, the country’s main rail artery between London and Edinburgh, was damaged on Tuesday after a fire spread across the track in Bedfordshire.

The Birmingham New Street overhead wires were also badly damaged, causing all trains passing through the station to be cancelled.

Commuters have spoken of “bedlam” as trains continue to be canceled in Britain.

Lee Ball was trying to travel with his wife, Libby, and 10-year-old daughter, Amelie, from their Worcestershire home to London Euston on their way to an Ed Sheeran gig.

The 46-year-old said his train from Droitwich to Birmingham New Street was canceled on less than 30 minutes’ notice, so they drove to Birmingham International, where they had to wait for hours.

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He said: “I’ve been up since 4.30am anxiously trying to get an answer from anywhere. I was watching trains this morning from Birmingham New Street to London Euston and one was literally canceled on five minutes notice.

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He added that the communication from the train companies was “appalling”.

“It’s massive, massive anxiety,” he said. “Not being able to sleep, 4am this morning, worrying, see if there were any updates.”

Nicole Dixon, 26, missed her uncle’s funeral in Carlisle after all available trains from Euston were cancelled.

“I’m incredibly bored, frustrated and a bit exhausted,” the AP privately said.

“I was told there was little chance of getting a train out (yesterday) but they would be 100 per cent running (today). I explained to the (staff) that I had to be home for a morning funeral.

“I felt really annoyed this morning because I was assured that I could make it to the funeral.”

Ms Dixon added that she hopes to make the wake, but will have missed the service.

Laura Horn, a lecturer at Roskilde University in Denmark, was traveling from Copenhagen to a conference in Limerick in the west of Ireland, but got stuck in London Euston.

She said: “The station concourse is full of people staring at the screen, so many canceled connections. Lots of worried and tired faces; I thought it was striking that so many people seemed worried rather than annoyed.

“I think people are finally realizing that with the climate emergency we’re in, we’ll see a lot more of that in the next few years. The resort staff were really helpful and friendly.”

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Alex Davies, a charity worker from Crewe, said he was “physically and mentally exhausted” trying to organize his return journey from Portsmouth via London Euston.

The 28-year-old said: “I have autism and need a lot of help from my wife but she couldn’t take time off from work to travel with me so the whole saga has been extremely difficult for me.”

Mr Davies was due to travel on Tuesday evening, but waited in the hope that the disruption would have died down on Wednesday.

He added: “Thanks to the extra taxis, meals and hotels, I’m losing around £250 and still not guaranteed I’ll be home today.

“Still very anxious and tired because until I can get to Euston there isn’t really any support.”

National Rail has told customers to check before traveling and only travel when absolutely necessary.

It said on its website: “Network Rail crews continue to work tirelessly to carry out repairs so that we can get services back up and running for passengers, but there are still service disruptions throughout the daytime.”

Overhead power lines are also believed to be down in Rugby, Birmingham and Carlisle, leading to several emergency evacuations of passengers.

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