TrashTalk Fantasy League the twelfth week recap.

Weeks go by to see records fall in the TrashTalk Fantasy League. While we thought that Luka Doncic had set the bar high enough to be able to maintain the best score in history for a few years, he was cut off by Donovan Mitchell only a few days later. Fortunately, beautiful carrots (hi Giannis, hello the Clippers) reminded us that this game was not always about three-digit numbers. Or even two for that matter…

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# The tauliers of the past week

The podium of the week

The individual podium

TrashTalk Fantasy League Week 12 Individual Ranking

# Last week’s best picks

  • Monday : Donovan Mitchell – 111 points (3,3% des picks)
  • Mardi : Giannis Antetokounmpo – 87 points (9.6% of picks)
  • Wednesday : Kevin Durant – 70 points (9.5% of picks)
  • Thursday : Lauri Markkanen – 72 points (6.9% of picks)
  • Friday : Zach LaVine – 69 points (0,9% des picks)
  • Saturday : Thomas Bryant – 56 points (0,5% des picks)
  • Sunday : Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – 56 points (9,6% des picks)

# Last week’s carrots

  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (13,4% des picks) : DNP vs Celtics

We let the Lab summarize this carrot:

  • Pascal Siakam (3,3% des picks) : 11 vs Bucks

Pascalou was hot averaging 50.38 points over the last 8 games. Tempting, very tempting. Except that against the Bucks, it was not his day.

  • Les premiums du match Nuggets vs Clippers (38,1% des picks)

Paul George at -3 (4.2%), Kawhi at 8 (popular pick at 17.7%) ruined the week for a good number of players. And caused collateral damage as Jokic’s 16.2% had to settle for a 28 in that blowout.

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo (3,7% des picks) : 4 points vs Hornets

You’re not dreaming, Giannis and the Bucks got run over by the terrible Hornets. The Greek had his worst game of the season and in TrashTalk Fantasy League terms, we’re about 47-48 points below his average this season. It calms.

  • Klay Thompson (12,1% des picks) : DNP vs Magic

The popular pick which is announced out after the closing, it stings very very strongly.

# The successes of the past week

  • Brook Lopez (0,3% des picks) : 49 points vs Wizards

Jrue and Middleton out, someone had to support the best pick of the night, Giannis. And it was Brook Lopez who took care of it.

  • Dennis Schroder (0,02% des picks) : 53 points vs Heat

AD and LBJ absent, it was Dennis Schroder who carried the Lakers against the Heat. With the victory as a bonus, even if it does not change his score in TrashTalk Fantasy League.

  • Jaren Jackson Jr (0,4% des picks) : 58 points vs Magic

31 pawns, 10 rebounds and clean shooting, JJJ walked on the Magic. And pleases 78 TTFL players.

  • Thomas Bryant (0,5% des picks) : 56 points vs Kings

On Saturday, the best choice to make was to bet on Thomas Bryant since the Lakers pivot finished best pick. And not many people had a hollow nose.

# Last week’s trophies

  • Holiday on ice: take Jrue Holiday in Toronto on January 4

Strangely, no one asked for Jrue Holiday, who was absent for the Bucks’ trip to Toronto. Our rotten word game falls apart.

  • White Spirit: take Gordon Hayward in Indiana on January 8

There too, nobody on the spot.

# The trophies of the coming week

  • Premier Love: Taking on Kevin Love against Wolves – January 14

If possible by listening to this good sound of Tony Parker. No, we’re kidding.

# Our pick of the week

Jonas Valanciunas vs Wizards : Big absentees from the Pelicans (no joke about Zion’s physique) since Williamson and Ingram are already out, while McCollum did not play the last game for New Orleans. On the other hand, the Wizards are the team against which the pivots have the highest point average. No need to say more about the reasons that lead us to bet on Jonas Valanciunas from this Monday evening (except that he is still absent for 12 days in our deck, what a shitty game…)

Here, we leave it there for this week, and we immediately attack the next one. Carrots can’t wait.

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