Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s cozy mansion | Vogue Japan

When he wants to relax and unwind with family and friends, Barker takes a break from his hectic schedule to live with his three children (Landon, Alabama Barker, and Atiana de la Hoya) in Calabasas. Head to a quiet and quaint home.

Three years ago, Barker decided to renovate the mansion he’d owned for 15 years to give it more peace and order. At the suggestion of Chris Jenner, the mother of Courtney, the mother-in-law of Travis, he has been a celebrity designer for half a century, and is a master interior designer who has been selected for the top designer list “AD100” selected by “Architectural Digest”. , reached out to Waldo Fernandez.

“I loved the simplicity and Zen-inspired calmness of his work,” Barker recalls of his first meeting with the legendary designer. “Travis wasn’t looking for assertive design or rock star style.

Its vision includes deliberately muted hues, bespoke matching upholstery draped in linen, warm distressed wood accent pieces, and bespoke furniture inspired by mid-century classics. and furnishings. “It was all about what he wanted, with a very light touch,” Fernandez continues.

“I wanted a home where I could rest my mind and body, enjoy my time with my family, and create memories.”

The main bedroom is decorated in natural tones. The side table and vase next to the chaise lounge were designed by Rick Owens.

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