Trees cut to pass the cycle path in this town north of Caen

The row of cut trees in Colleville-Montgomery. ©Freedom

Avenue de Bruxelles in Colleville-Montgomery (Calvados) is the last street that leads to the sea from the village. In December 2022, 11 trees were cut. Mayor Frédéric Loinard explains the reasons.

Why were these trees felled?

It is part of the cyclo-pedestrian loops (a Caen la mer project) on the route that connects the town of Colleville to the beach. Avenue de Bruxelles, it was just planned a marking on the ground for cyclists, but residents raised safety issues. Unfortunately, we had to cut down these trees, but with a real cycle lane, it also secures the crossing of the Lion road.

There were no other solutions?

No, since a minimum width is required for cycle paths and pedestrian walkways.

We are going to encroach on the service road that borders the houses and we had to cut down these trees close to the property limits, but we are going to plant other plants.

When will this pedestrian and cycling route be finished?

For the Avenue de Bruxelles part, work begins in January. There remains between the village and the supermarket (Auchan) the marking and some adjustments. In March, this part of the loops will be finished.

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