Triathlon: Chemical scientist Rudy Depret qualified for Hawaii

It’s a new big performance that Rudy Depret released this Sunday. The Chimay-Couvin Sharks triathlete ranked 45th out of the 2,948 athletes present and above all 2nd in his category of the Masters 40 (566 athletes) during the Ironman in Barcelona.

He broke his personal record by descending for the first time below the legendary 9 hour mark (8h46.13)! He swam the 3.8 km in 57.36, cycled the 180 km in 4:34.20 and walked the 42.2 km in 3:07.28.

He is thus automatically qualified for Hawaii 2020! He could therefore go there for the 5th time after 2005, 2009, 2011 and 2016.

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