TRIP. Towards the origins of TwoJeys

It all started with a trip last minute. At the beginning of April, Joan and I, Biel, got a job offer to go to the famous Coachella festival. Without hesitation, we decided to cross the pond and take the trip of our dreams (we still didn’t know how much the trip itself was going to entail in our lives). We like to be around friends, so we went with two and rented an RV with which we crossed the road from Las Vegas to Palm Springs.

A dream that lasted 12 days, where we saw American culture from within and where our first source of inspiration to create TwoJeys emerged. Starting in Las Vegas was the best decision we made, an unbeatable explosion of emotions. We discovered such emblematic places as the great Bellagio, we tried our luck between casinos and we discovered the essence of Las Vegas, that which we had seen so many times staged in millions of films.

The next day, we started the route with our precious RV Monterrey. Our goal was to go through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado and sleep there, so we veered off the route a bit, and headed east, Utah. We ate at roadside motels and slept in the motorhome. It is the perfect vehicle, it gives you the privilege of waking up in spectacular places and it is exactly what happened to us in the Grand Canyon.

Like in a western movie, we had breakfast in the middle of the road with a table and two chairs, where the beautiful orange sunrise reflected off the brownstone slopes, an incredible visual spectacle. We recommend everyone to do this trip ‘roadtrip’.

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From the Grand Canyon we went west to California, but before we turned off through Arizona, further south, so we explored another state. We realized how incredible the landscape is in that part of the United States, an arid landscape that changes every two hours. Suddenly it looks like Mars and, after nothing, it’s all white and it looks like you’re on the Moon.

At this point in the trip we were already thinking about creating the jewelry brand and, I don’t know if it was fate, but a Cadillac passed us with a license plate that said: Twojeys Arizona Estate. At that precise moment we decided that that was the perfect name and that it represented that moment, that place and that trip that would remain in our memory forever, and thus TwoJeys was born.

Arriving in Palm Springs to attend the festival, we made one last stop at Joshua Tree Natural Park, where the landscape and style of the area is much more indie.

We have both been working on social media for years and that, luckily, has given us the freedom to travel, meet interesting people and give ourselves free rein to inspire ourselves, a key fact in every way.

We were three days at Coachella non-stop and enjoying the visual postcard that is Palm Springs. Life hack: the best decision, again, was to go with the motorhome. When the concerts are over and you’ve enjoyed, danced and sung enough, it’s absolute hell to find an Uber. In this way, you have the bed thirty seconds away. In addition, the amount of anecdotes that you can get to live in a caravan with friends are countless …

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For us, it was a trip that marked the beginning of a vital project, a before and after in our lives. Both the good vibes we have, as well as the dynamics we have when it comes to working as a team, through the inspiration that led to something as great as TwoJeys is now, had their starting point on this famous and exciting Route 66 in Las Vegas to Palm Springs.


Text and images: Biel Juste y Joan Margarit


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