Truck crashes into New York restaurant, injures 22

NY.- An SUV crashed into a restaurant in upper manhattan leaving 22 injuredincluding 3 minors, this after being hit in the rear by another driver who fled.

The incident occurred on Monday around 09:00 p.m., when the van collided in front of the store of Inwood Bar & Grill shattered, with debris strewn across the sidewalk and into the restaurant before diners caught off guard

Among the wounded of accidents they are included three girls of 10, 7 and 1 yearsthe largest of which may have suffered an accident such as a broken leg, Dailymail reported.

According to several witnesses who saw the accident, they told the police that everything happened when a White Audi sedan beat up black Toyota RAV4which caused the SUV he’ll jump off the sidewalk and dash into the store near West 204th Street.

Nineteen people of the 22 injured They were taken to hospitals and the remaining three refused medical attention, The Associated Press reported.

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Police said none of the injuries were life-threatening. The driver of the Audi fled and was being searched on Tuesday.

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