Trump camp got further rebuff in court

Letztes Update am Samstag, 2.01.2021, 04:29

The camp of outgoing US President Donald Trump has failed in another attempt to turn his election defeat into a victory. A US federal judge on Friday evening dismissed Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert’s motion to give Vice President Mike Pence the final say in the reading of the election results on January 6 in the US Congress. Pence had brought the US Department of Justice into position against the Texan’s lawsuit.

The Senate and the House of Representatives want to certify the result of the presidential election, which has been fixed since December 14, next Wednesday. In the election by electors from the 50 states and the capital district, Democrat Joe Biden prevailed against incumbent Trump with 306 to 232 votes. Previously, countless attempts had failed to question Biden’s victories, some of which were narrow, in individual states.

Trump continues to claim, without substantive evidence, that he was robbed of victory by election fraud. Republican MPs and senators are now due to raise objections to the congress session on January 6th. They aim to ensure that the electoral votes for Biden from contested states like Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona and Pennsylvania are not counted and that the Democrat, like Trump, then misses the required absolute majority of 270 voters. In this case, the election of the president would fall to a body with a Republican majority, namely the state congressional delegations.

However, the objections have little chance of success because the democratically dominated House of Representatives would have to agree to them. It was precisely this provision, which dates back to a law from the 19th century, that MP Gohmert wanted to overturn by giving Vice President Pence the right to decide on objections to the election result. A success of the MP’s move would have resulted in a massive loyalty conflict for Pence. Pence is considered a loyal companion of Trump, whose defeat he had not publicly acknowledged – unlike leading Republicans such as Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

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