“Trump has done enough damage” ⋆ Nürnberger Blatt

Lisa Murkowski – Bild: Ken Shipp/Public Domain

For the first time, according to a US media report, a US Republican Senator has joined calls for President Donald Trump to step down. Lisa Murkowski, who represents the state of Alaska in the House of Parliament, said on Friday (local time), according to the newspaper “Anchorage Daily News”: “I want him to step down. I want him out. ”Trump has“ done enough damage ”.

According to the newspaper, Murkowski also questioned her own future as a Republican. She wants to make this dependent on whether the party still stands behind the president after the storming of radical Trump supporters on the US Capitol last Wednesday. “If the Republican Party is nothing more than Trump’s party, then I seriously ask myself whether this is the party for me,” said the 63-year-old.

As the first Republican MP in the House of Representatives – the other chamber of parliament – Adam Kinzinger demanded the removal of Trump on Thursday with the help of the 25th amendment to the constitution. The amendment enables the vice-president and a cabinet majority to declare the head of state incapable of office. Several Republican senators had distanced themselves from Trump after storming the Capitol, but none of them publicly called for his resignation in front of Murkowski.

Murkowski also went into court sharply with Trump’s political record. As president, he did not focus on the corona pandemic, she criticized. “He was either golfing or raged in the Oval Office and threw every individual who has been loyal and loyal to the wolves.” Trump only wants to stay “for his ego” in the White House, said Murkowski. “He has to get out. He has to do good, but I don’t think he is capable of doing good. “

President-elect Joe Biden is due to take over the presidency from Trump on January 20. Leading Democrats in Congress are calling for Trump to be dismissed before the change of office because of the violent storming of the parliament building on Wednesday.

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