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Donald Trump’s days as US President will soon be numbered.


Look at Arizona, a state that has long been a Republican bastion. In 72 years only one Democratic candidate, Bill Clinton, won the Grand Canyon State, and that was only because Ross Perot ran as a third candidate in 1996 and won important votes from Republican Bob Dole. And this year everything was different. Arizona became a swing state, which in the end helped determine the overall election result. Joe Biden won Arizona. And not only that, the two Senators from Arizona are now Democrats.

Biden is the new US President: That is changing

The more likely it is that Joe Biden will become the next American president, the more important questions arise for German politics. We answer these questions here.

But this election bankruptcy does not lead the Republicans in Arizona to undertake a comprehensive election analysis or to express self-criticism. No, the Conservatives are sticking to their accusation that the voting was manipulated. The two Arizona MPs Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar were driving forces in Congress last week to eliminate their state’s election result, only in the presidential election.

To this end, Trump opponents are identified in their own ranks and accused of being responsible for the defeat. John McCain’s widow, Cindy McCain, is said to be punished for supporting “Gay Marriage” and for “unconstitutionally” congratulating Joe Biden on his election victory. It is also explained that John McCain was not that great a war hero and that he had done his military service incorrectly.

Not an isolated case

McCain isn’t the only Republican to get her Trumpian fat now. Former Senator Jeff Flake and Mitt Romney, who is very popular with Mormons in the north of the state, are also denounced. Both are outright Trump opponents who have spoken out and recognize Joe Biden as the legitimate president.

Chaos in Washington: Trump supporters storm the Capitol

There is chaos in the US capital Washington: Thousands of supporters of US President Trump gathered around the Capitol on Wednesday – several of them broke into the building. Four people were killed during or around the unrest. A curfew was then imposed in Washington.

Cindy McCain and Jeff Flake are now to be officially punished at a party event at the end of January. What that means is not yet clear, but what is currently happening in Arizona is not an isolated incident. A majority of elected Republicans in Congress still support Donald Trump. They defend him and his “successes” online. Many of the Trump trombonists are simply afraid of jeopardizing their re-election in two years’ time. Because the House of Representatives in the USA, unlike in any other western nation, is re-elected every two years. After the election means before the election. And the Trump base is currently more than loud, demanding consequences for all renegades and, as they call it, “Never-Trumpers” in their own ranks. It is still unclear how Donald Trump will behave after leaving the White House.

Media create a good mood

Meanwhile, the conservative media are going mobile. The well-known “Talking Heads” on Fox News, like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, stand by Trump. One America News (OAN) and Newsmax remain on Trump’s course, and Trump’s disciples are trying to find new alternatives to Twitter and Facebook on social media. Trump leaves, but Trumpism remains. America is knee deep in democratic crisis.

Arndt Peltner

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