Trump opposes California seafood trade deficit fishing law

Trump vetoed the Fisheries Bill because the Republican-controlled Senate followed the Democratic-led House and voted to overturn his previous veto of the Annual Defense Policy Act, despite objections from Trump.

The authors of the Fish Bill said the large-mesh floating gillnets, which are between 1.6 kilometers and 2.4 kilometers in length and can reach 60.9 meters below the ocean surface. , be left in the water overnight. to catch swordfish and thresher sharks. But they said at least 60 other marine species – including whales, dolphins and sea lions – can also become entangled in the nets, where they are injured or die.

It is illegal to use these nets in US territorial waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, and off the coasts of Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii. They remain legal in federal waters off California.

In 2018, California passed a four-year phase of eliminating coarse-mesh floating gillnets from state waters to protect marine life.

The bill that Trump vetoed would have resulted in similar protections for federal waters off California within five years, and would have authorized the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to help the commercial fishing industry pass. to more durable types of fishing gear.

Trump has said the west coast driftnet fisheries are subject to “strong legal and regulatory requirements” for environmental protection that are equal to or beyond environmental protections applied to foreign fisheries.

He said that without this fishery the Americans will import more swordfish and other species from foreign sources.

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