Trump pressures Georgia official to give him more votes

In a phone call, President Donald Trump pleaded with the Georgia election chief to reverse Joe Biden’s victory in the state and to will find enough votes to deliver victory.

The Washington Post posted audio snippets of the conversation that took place on Saturday, January 2, online.

The conversation was the president’s latest step in pressuring a state official to reverse the election result he lost.

Trump confirmed in a tweet Sunday that he had spoken with Georgia’s Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger.

Raffensperger also tweeted that the claims Trump made were false.

The state of Georgia certified the election results showing that Biden won the election on November 3 by 11,779 votes.

Trump has repeatedly attacked how Raffensperger ran the Georgia election, claiming without evidence that the state’s 16 electoral votes were incorrectly awarded to Biden.

There was no fraud in the election, which has been confirmed by a number of election officials across the country, as well as former Trump attorney general William Barr. Republican governors in Arizona and Georgia have also responded by affirming the integrity of the elections in their states.

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