Trump urged Georgia to recount votes in his favor

Donald Trump shakes his finger

Donald Trump


The incumbent US President Donald Trump, during a telephone conversation with Georgia Secretary Brad Raffensperger, asked to “find” enough votes to win the Republican candidate in this state.

The newspaper writes about it The Washington Post with reference to the audio recording of the conversation of the American leader with the Georgian authorities, which came to her disposal. According to the published transcript of the talks, Trump has threatened the state secretary and his legal adviser Ryan Germani with criminal charges. “You know what they did and you don’t report it. This is a crime, a criminal offense, you cannot allow it, this is a big risk for you and for Ryan, your lawyer, ”the president said, hinting at the existence of ballots in his favor, which were allegedly destroyed.

The head of the White House called for “finding 11,780 votes,” as, according to him, the Republicans “won this state.” According to the newspaper, Raffensperger and Germani, in turn, argued that the results of the presidential elections in Georgia were true, and that there were no violations reported by Trump.

On January 6, at a joint meeting of both houses of Congress, they will discuss the results of the electoral college vote on the results of the presidential election. Objections can only be accepted in writing, submitted by at least one member of the House of Representatives and one member of the Senate. On December 14, the electoral college approved the final results of the US elections, according to which the representative of the Democratic Party, Joseph Biden, will become the 46th president of the United States. In his support were 306 electors, Trump was supported by 232. To win, the required minimum is 270 votes.

Earlier, Trump called on elected Republican Senator Tommy Taberville from Alabama to challenge the vote. Representatives of the Republican Party hope that the results of the presidential elections will not be subject to doubts, despite the report of the head of the White House, who threatened “the end of his political career” to those who are calling not to object to the results of the vote.

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