Trump’s defense on trial

Defense of Donald Trump began his pleadings on the first day of impeachment against the former president of the United States.

After an emotional appearance by Jamie Raskin, the top Democratic lawmaker serving as prosecutor in the trial, it was the turn of Bruce Castor, one of the two attorneys. defensores de Trump.

Castor, who served as a Montgomery County district attorney from 2000 to 2008 before being commissioned there, noted: “Is this judgment about trading freedom for safety from a mob? Honestly, no. It cannot be. We can’t be thinking about that. We cannot be suggesting that we punish people for their political speech in this country. “

The defense assures that Trump exercised his right to freedom of expression when he called the crowd to go to the Capitol last January 6.

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Shortly after, supporters of the then president violently broke into the legislative chamber, where the two chambers met to count the electoral votes of the presidential elections on November 3.

The managers of the impeachment They accuse Trump of “inciting an insurrection” with his speech, with his tweets, in which he affirmed over and over again, without proof, that there was massive fraud in the elections, and that they “stole” his victory.

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The defense alleges that the trial is unconstitutional because Trump is no longer president.

“The American people have spoken and changed administration and did not re-elect Trump,” Castor said today, underlining that the former president’s defense team will not defend at any time what the protesters did on January 6.

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Castor confessed that he had to make “last minute” changes in his defense strategy because the prosecution’s presentation was “so good.”

Trump’s other lawyer, David Schoen, accused the Democrats of wanting to invalidate the opinion of 74 million people who voted for the former president on November 3 and assured that the impeachment will “destroy” the country.

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