Truss promises fiscal rigor between pressures so that it does not harm the poorest

British Prime Minister Liz Truss has promised “fiscal responsibility”, after the setback received by his debt-financed tax cut plan, and avoided specifying if he plans to limit social subsidies to the poorest in order to balance public finances. truss said be “very committed to supporting the most vulnerable”in an interview with BBC Radio 4 during the Conservative Party’s annual conference in Birmingham.

However, he did not rule out, with the aim of reducing net debt, prevent social subsidies from rising next April in line with inflation, which is around 10% in the UK, as previously promised. This Tuesday, the national press publishes that it is proposed to increase them based on what the average salary increases, a much lower percentage.

Many Conservative MPs, who risk losing their seats in the upcoming elections, have warned that they will not vote in Parliament in favor of a cut in real terms of the income of the lowest incomes, when at the same time there will be tax incentives for companies and the financial sector. “We have to see these issues together, we have to be fiscally responsible,” he declared, after his tax cut plan presented on September 23 caused chaos in financial markets.

The Minister of Economy, Quasi Kwarteng, canceled monday the planned reduction from 45 to 40% of the highest band of income tax, between criticism from the conservative deputies themselves that it was proposed at a time of crisis due to the increase in the cost of living. It was later leaked that Kwarteng, who spoke before Congress on Monday, plans advance to this month the presentation of its complete economic plan to convey confidence to investors, instead of the scheduled date of November 23.

Truss, who took office on September 6, replacing Boris Johnson, The conservative congress will close on Wednesday, when he will try to recover the confidence of the “Tories” bases and the nation in his Government.

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