TSMC, Arizona new factory 4 nano plan Apple request received = news agency | Reuters

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC), at the request of U.S. customers including Apple, will provide advanced circuit line width 4-nanometer semiconductors at its new Arizona fab scheduled to open in 2024. policy. This photo is taken in Hsinchu, Taiwan, August 2018. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

[1日 ロイター] – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC), the world leader in contract manufacturing of semiconductors, has responded to requests from US customers, including Apple, and is planning to open a new factory in Arizona in 2024 to produce cutting-edge circuit lines with a width of 4 nanometers. It is a policy to provide semiconductors. Bloomberg News reported on the 1st.

TSMC is expected to announce the new plan when President Biden and Secretary of Commerce Remond are in Phoenix for a ceremony on Wednesday, according to reports.

TSMC had previously said it would produce 20,000 wafers a month at its Arizona plant, but the company said it could produce more than that plan. Apple is expected to use about a third of its output once production gets off to a good start, he said.

TSMC’s customers are reportedly asking the company to deploy its latest technology in the United States and Taiwan at the same time.

TSMC declined to comment. Apple has yet to comment.

TSMC founder Morris Chan said last week that the company plans to produce 3-nanometer-width semiconductors at its Arizona factory, but that the plans are not yet fully finalized.

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