TSMC, the largest mobile processor creation factory could open a factory in Europe

12/26/2022 at 08:21


Europe wants to attract this type of investment to become a technological power

The dependence on external technology has generated a serious crisis in the sector

TSMC is one of the largest chip manufacturers in the world and also has the privilege of being the company in charge of manufacture Apple chips. That is, the processors used by MacBook laptops (M1 and M2 and their variants) and mobile phones (AX Bionic). The problems that Taiwan is experiencing with limited exports from China have caused the company to be looking for new places and one of them could be in Europe.

The plant is not expected to manufacture for Apple, although it is not ruled out. The megafactory would be located in Dresden, Germany and is one of the companies that best manufactures the chips by achieving technical advantages that allow it to reduce the size of the transistors to 4 and even 3 nanometers (from the year 2026). In this way, diversification of its production has taken the company to the United States, Japan, and possibly Europe.

The company is already in advanced talks with German executives about launching it from next year, which could help raise the level of the supply chain and also allow Europeans to pay less money for buy technological objects. Europe would be planning a subsidy to the company if it decides to settle on the borders of the Union.

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