Tsunami waves hit California after Tonga volcano eruption

The United States ended this Sunday its tsunami alert on the west coast of the country, hours after the eruption of an underwater volcano in Tonga provoke waves over a meter in California, which however did not cause serious damageauthorities said.

The National Weather Service issued a tsunami warning Saturday for the California coast. Low-lying areas, such as harbors and shallow waters, were expected to experience mild to moderate floodingthe agency said.

The highest waves ever recorded were 1.3 meters in Port San Luis, about 300 kilometers north of The Angels and 1.1 meters in Crescent City, near the Californian border with Oregon.

Below we show you the damage left by the tsunami waves in different California cities.


According to local media, there is no indication that the tsunami caused deaths, serious injuries or significant property damage, after authorities urged residents across the West Coast to avoid the coastal area.

The tsunami caused “slight flooding” in the Santa Cruz port, where the beaches were closed and people were evacuated from commercial areas near the coast, although no one was forced to leave their home, he told the network CNN City Manager Elizabeth Smith.


At Berkeley, it evacuated about 110 people from ships and docks in the coastal area, according to local media Berkeleyside; and most of the beaches in the south of the state were closed due to the alert.

on the island of Tonga, in the South Pacific, the The eruption of the volcano caused a fierce tsunami with waves that hit the coasts with force and struck homes and buildings on the beachfront in northern Tongatapu for a few minutes.

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The phenomenon was also noted in Japan, with waves that exceeded a meter in height, and in other countries such as Chile, where almost the entire coastline of the country was evacuated. In Peru, Two women drowned on Saturday on a beach in the north of the country due to strong waves.

US Secretary of State, Antony Blink, expressed concern about the eruption in tonga in a tweet posted late on Saturday, offering assistance to Pacific nations affected by what happened.



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