Tua Tagovailoa should not have played vs Bengals; he had suffered concussion 4 days ago

Tua Tagovailoa left one of the worst images of the 2022 season in the NFL after leaving the game between the Miami Dolphins y los Cincinnati Bengals shocked by a catch.

However, the Miami Dolphins and the NFL would have been responsible for endangering Tua Tagovailoa’s career by having allowed him to play when he had had a concussion just 4 days ago.

The quarterback graduated from the University of Alabama received a very hard blow against the Buffalo Bills which caused him to get up disoriented and even without strength in his legs.

But despite this, Tagovailoa he returned to the field and finished the gameeven when the shock protocol The league prohibits players from returning after being examined and showing signs of being unwell.

Last Monday, September 26, Miami announced that Tua had “a back injury” that did not warrant entering the protocol. The NFL did not delve into the matter and took the word of the Dolphins’ medical staff.

Now, with what happened in the Thursday Night Football against the Cincinnati Bengalsboth the team and the league have been badly stopped for bringing about what could be the end of a promising career.

NFL: Fans explode against the Miami Dolphins, the league and the Cincinnati Bengals for Tua Tagovailoa injury

NFL fans exploded after what happened with Tua Tagovailoa on Thursday Night Football this Thursday, September 29.

In a Miami Dolphins post explaining that their quarterback would not return to the field after what happened, the fans went all out against the team, the league and the Cincinnati Bengals.

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The followers demand that letters be taken in the matter against the doctors of Miami for allowing Tua to play against the Bengalsas well as asking that Cincinnati be investigated for being involved in several hits of this nature.

Finally, many highlight the way of acting of the NFL, who left aside the health of one of its superstars and only worried about “the business”.

Miami Dolphins. (Screenshot / Twitter)

Miami Dolphins.

Miami Dolphins. (Screenshot / Twitter)

Miami Dolphins.

Miami Dolphins. (Screenshot / Twitter)

Miami Dolphins.

Miami Dolphins. (Screenshot / Twitter)

NFL: Miami Dolphins Next Game

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  • New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins
  • Sunday, October 9 at 12:00 p.m.
  • MetLife Stadium

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