Tucker Carlson mocks Joe Biden on cancer, Delaware: ‘It’s raining oil’

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson mocked President Joe Biden for suggesting that contamination from an “oil slick” in Delaware could have been responsible for causing cancer. Biden is shown at left giving a speech on the environment in Somerset, Massachusetts, on July 20, 2022, while Carlson is shown at right at an event in Esztergom, Hungary, on August 7, 2021.
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked President Joe Biden for suggesting he got cancer from pollution strong enough to cause an “oil stain” on his windshield during his childhood in Delaware.

During a Wednesday speech on climate change in Somerset, Massachusetts, Biden said he and “many other people” he grew up with in Claymont, Delaware, “have cancer” because of pollution so intense that the oil needed to be cleaned up. windshield for driving While the president is currently cancer-free, he was diagnosed with several “localized non-melanoma skin cancers” that were surgically removed before he became president.

Carlson started his popular opinion show tucker carlson tonight on Wednesday by insisting that Biden had announced that he was currently suffering from cancer and had abruptly left the stage while refusing to answer “questions about his condition.” However, the president continued to speak on environmental issues for another 11 minutes after making the comment.

Carlson suggested that Biden may have been diagnosed with “dementia” rather than cancer, while hinting that Biden had painted Delaware as “such a horrible state” that “it rains oil.” The Fox News host expressed his skepticism about the White House and said the president was talking about his past experiences with skin cancer rather than a current diagnosis.

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“The president explained that he has cancer because he grew up in Delaware, which is apparently such a horrible state that everyone who lives there has cancer,” Carlson said. “In Delaware, it rains oil, that’s how dirty Delaware is, it’s a great state.”

“So the White House said today, apparently when Joe Biden was announcing that he had cancer, he was talking about a previous diagnosis of skin cancer, OK!” he added sarcastically.

During Biden’s speech, he recalled that his mother sometimes needed to clean an “oil slick” of contamination from the windshield of the car before taking him to school in the morning. He said contamination may have been the reason he and others later experienced cancer.

Biden recalled a similar anecdote about his mother wiping oil off a car windshield during a speech in April, though at the time he said pollution was responsible for the asthma he and “80 percent” of the people he grew up with. they had acquired. instead of cancer.

Carlson played a clip of Biden’s April speech during his show, preceded by the comment that “it turns out that when it rains oil, you don’t just get cancer, you get other diseases as well.”

“But the question is, and it’s a medical question, what is Joe Biden suffering from?” Carlson asked before welcoming Fox News contributor and physician Dr. Marc Siegel to the show. “Is it cancer, is it asthma [or] Is it dementia?

Siegel said “oil on the windshield” didn’t “make sense” as an explanation for asthma. He maintained that he was concerned about the president’s possible “cognitive issues,” though he admitted that Biden probably didn’t “think” he actually had cancer when he mentioned the condition in the present tense.

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Carlson ended the segment by mockingly suggesting that Biden should “avoid” Delaware in the future if his home state was repeatedly giving him health problems.

“He told us Delaware gave him asthma and cancer and yet he comes back to Delaware every weekend,” Carlson said. Isn’t that like continuing to smoke Camels when you have emphysema? That sounds crazy to me, I should avoid Delaware, right?

“Yeah, and Delaware should avoid it if he keeps hitting them like that,” Siegel replied, eliciting a laugh from Carlson. “You should be proud of your status. If he falls off a bike there too, then he’ll blame the pavement.”

news week has reached out to the White House for comment.

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