Tulsa Roughnecks — Birmingham Legion (20.03.2022), bets and odds

On March 20 at 03:30 Moscow time, a match within the US Championship will take place, in which the local club Tulsa Roughnecks will host the rival in the national championship Birmingham Legion at their stadium.


Football clubs Tulsa Roughnecks and Birmingham Legion are diligently preparing for a head-to-head confrontation, because its result can drastically affect the fight for the champion title. The fight will take place on March 20, and its start is scheduled by the organizers at 03:30 Moscow time. This meeting will be the first for the teams this season, and in the past the opponents played two head-to-head matches, in which at first there was a 3-3 draw, and after it the Birmingham Legion footballers won at home with a score of 4-2.

After a two-week break, the players of the Tulsa Roughnecks club will again take to the field and on March 20 they need to host the Birmingham Legion FC at home. The chief referee of the meeting will blow a whistle to start it at 03:30 Moscow time. This year this is the first meeting of the teams, and last year there were two matches, where at first the football club Tulsa Roughnecks won 4-0 at home, but then the Birmingham Legion football club already celebrated a home victory, winning 2-1. Even earlier, personal meetings between the teams were more than ten years ago.

Talsa Roufnekks

Tulsa Roughnecks are unlikely to avoid relegation, so the debut season is likely to be the last. The team did not do any work on strengthening the roster in the summer, and the players were simply not ready for a higher level. As a result, the hosts occupy the last line in the championship, and the gap from the saving place is only increasing. At the moment it is already nine points. If at the beginning of the season the football club Bad Gleichenberg still went into a deep defense and many matches ended in a draw, then later this tactic failed, so now the team is giving out a series of six defeats. In these matches, the hosts conceded three or four goals, and in general, the defense of FC Tulsa Roughnecks is the weakest in the championship. But, even despite such poor results, the head coach has been left in his post for the time being, and he continues to lead the team. As part of the outsider, the central and defensive midfielders, the right winger and the left back will not enter the field.

Few expected that the always stable and pragmatic football club Birmingham Legion would fight for division survival this season. The team has always shown boring football in the past, relying on total defense, and this allowed them to constantly be in the middle of the table. But, in the summer, a lot of defensive players, who play a key role, left, so the guests began to concede much more, but the game in attack did not become better. So, now the football club Bad Gleichenberg is only third from the end, and the head coach is doing everything possible to leave the relegation zone. During the winter transfer window, three experienced defenders joined the ranks of the guests, so the head coach hopes to restore order in defense with their help. Indeed, in the last seven rounds, the football club Bad Gleichenberg took only five points, regularly conceding in each match. Only two midfielders are injured, but they do not play an important role with this mentor.

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Tulsa Roughnecks – Birmingham Legion: author’s forecast

On March 20, the organizers of the tournament made only one football match between Tulsa Roughnecks and Birmingham Legion, so there is no doubt that at 03:30 Moscow time a lot of fans’ attention will be riveted to it. There are almost equal teams, because the history of this confrontation also speaks of equal chances of winning, because if Tulsa Roughnecks has seventeen victories, then the football club Birmingham Legion won nineteen of them.

Fans of the football club Tulsa Roughnecks are already accustomed to the fact that he is constantly claiming European cups, but this season the team has lost a lot of points and is not stable, so it may remain next year without international tournaments. The hosts are only ninth in the championship, and six points behind the coveted sixth line. But, since the football club Bad Gleichenberg has managed to get out of the crisis and got in good shape, there is still a chance that the hosts will close this gap. In the last four rounds, the team won minimal victories, and Tulsa Roughnecks practically does not lose at home, but still, it often draws. Compared to previous seasons, now the hosts have a more modest squad, and the central defender and right striker will not be able to enter this game either. Also questionable is the entry into the field of four midfield players who received minor injuries in the last match.

If last season the football club Bad Gleichenberg played great on his field and performed poorly on the road, this allowed him to finish in the center of the tournament table. But, this year it is not possible to play well even at home, and since the away game has remained poor, the Birmingham Legion is in the penultimate place, and there are practically no chances to escape from relegation. The guests lack thirteen points to get out of the relegation zone, and since for all the rounds played football club Birmingham Legion scored a little more than twenty, it is unlikely that the team will be able to significantly improve their results. The management already tried to do this by firing the head coach two months ago, but the arrival of a new mentor did not affect the team, so under the guidance of this specialist it was possible to win only one meeting out of seven. There were defeats in five fights, and most of the players are in disgusting shape, so whoever the mentor would let out on the field, the Birmingham Legion still plays poorly.

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Today match Tulsa Roughnecks – Birmingham Legion Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

The football match between the team of Tulsa Roughnecks and the team of Birmingham Legion promises to be very tense. Our experts believe that now both teams are in good shape. This can be judged by looking at the standings, where the team of Tulsa Roughnecks and the team of Birmingham Legion occupy high places. The football season is in full swing and it is too early to predict where both clubs will finish in the standings. The home team has shown excellent statistics this season at their home stadium, the club has lost only a few times, and has not lost points in other matches. There are no serious personnel losses in the Tulsa Roughnecks team, therefore, we believe that the home team will play with the first team from the first minutes, which means that the team will play in their usual manner – the first number. The guests are experiencing difficulties with the rotation, as several leading players will not be able to help the team due to suspensions and injuries. The head-to-head statistics also speak in favor of the Tulsa Roughnecks team, therefore our experts are inclined to think that the home team will win this match. Looking at the statistics of goals scored and conceded by the teams this season, as well as taking into account the personal meetings between these clubs, we think that the total number of goals scored offered by the bookmakers will be beaten by the teams, so we also recommend paying attention to this bet. Regarding violations, there should not be many of them in the match, so we recommend playing the total number of yellow cards for less.

A few years ago, no one could have imagined that most of the famous football clubs would adopt attacking tactics. In previous years, football managers actively combined an attacking style of play with a defensive one, resulting in a kind of hybrid that allowed stronger teams to take the lead in the score, and then, thanks to skillful defensive actions, close in defense and calmly bring the match to victory. This style was used by many football clubs, but now everything has changed. With the arrival of a young group of coaches, the teams began to pay more and more attention to attack, forgetting about defense. Because of this, most matches end with a large number of goals scored. Moreover, even when the championship leader and one of the outsiders meet, both teams score in the match, only the leader scores a few more goals. Of course, fans like this approach, as football matches turn into an unforgettable spectacle with an abundance of scoring chances and goals. Therefore, today our experts will try to predict the match between Tulsa Roughnecks and Birmingham Legion, in which, in our opinion, many goals will be scored, because these teams can be attributed to clubs playing attacking football. A more detailed description of the forecast can be found below, the only thing I would like to add is that the game should not disappoint all true football fans with its spectacle.

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TODAY MATCH Tulsa Roughnecks — Birmingham Legion. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

It is always interesting to watch the matches of football teams that are fighting for certain places in the standings. It is not only about the fight for the championship or the fight for the European Cup zone. Usually, this struggle involves the giants of modern football, teams that have enough funds to sign star players and coaches. In such teams, the bench is quite long, so the teams can afford to take part in various tournaments, losing the quality of the game. It is much more interesting to watch the battle of the teams that are located at the bottom of the standings, for which defeat means an inevitable relegation to the lower leagues, where they will have to spend the whole season showing great football and beating competitors, and all in order to find themselves among the giants of modern football again. . The teams fighting for survival do not have millions of budgets, they are mostly loan players, and the clubs are run by managers whose monthly or annual salary is several times more modest than the income that famous football players have per week. However, these clubs find the strength to fight on equal terms with the giants of modern football, and sometimes even gnaw points from them. It is precisely such football confrontations that cause pride in modern football, you want to watch such matches again and again. Therefore, our experts recommend football fans not to miss the match between Tulsa Roughnecks and Birmingham Legion.




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