Turkmen Airlines extend cancellation of international flights due to COVID-19 until January 31

“In connection with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the cancellation of all international flights of the airline is extended until January 31, 2021 inclusive,” the website of the Russian office of Turkmen Airlines said.

It is also reported that purchased tickets are valid until December 31, 2021. Passengers of canceled flights can exchange their ticket for any flight before the specified date. To do this, you must wait for the resumption of flights and contact the place of purchase of the ticket to exchange it.

If the trip does not take place, then the passenger can apply for a refund at the same time, the information underlines.

Turkmen Airlines suspended all international scheduled passenger flights in March 2020 in connection with the global coronavirus pandemic. Then the suspension of flights was extended until May 20, June 20, July 20, August 31, September 30, October 31 and December 31, 2020.

In particular, the cancellation of flights concerns directions from Ashgabat and back: to Istanbul, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Minsk, Almaty, Frankfurt am Main, Birmingham, Amritsar, Delhi, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Bangkok.

According to official data, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Turkmenistan, but at the same time, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, foreign air traffic, the movement of passenger trains and intercity buses have been suspended, mosques and churches and shopping centers have been closed.

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