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British reality show Love Island Jonny Mitchell posted a post on Instagram, in which he called 2020 amazing, which is why he was known as insensitive.

“12 months. 12 months of exploration, adventure, excitement, emotion, learning, creativity, prosperity, understanding and love. 2020 was pretty awesome, ”he wrote, posting a romantic photo of his beloved during a trip to Bali.

On the Internet, Mitchell ran into criticism. Many users felt that the 29-year-old TV star spoke completely incorrectly about the year that was marked by the coronavirus pandemic, which claimed the lives of people around the world.

“Well, I guess you were living in a bubble, as for the rest of the world, 2020 was pretty awful, perhaps even the worst of all!” – wrote one of the commentators. Another user advised Mitchell to think about who is watching his posts before publishing, and to understand that such statements would not cause approval and sympathy.

Former British reality show Love Island Georgia Harrison said she experienced a “medical nightmare” while on vacation in Dubai. The star was diagnosed with an infection of internal organs.

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