Tweet to Elon Musk: Disabled French adventurer wants to go into space

He was in Alaska, has swum the English Channel and the sea between several continents, now he wants to go into space: The Frenchman Philippe Croizon has lived without arms and legs since an accident in 1994 and yet shows what is possible with strength of will and discipline. He achieved his swimming adventures with the help of prostheses. He took part in the Paris-Dakar Rally in a specially prepared vehicle. His latest idea: Write to Elon Musk and ask if he’ll take him on a space mission. To do this, he challenged the Tesla founder on Twitter.

“I thought he would never answer me”

“Shortly before Christmas I sent a tweet in which I said to my followers, ok, if I manage to get 50,000 followers by Christmas, I’ll send a tweet to Elon Musk to send me into space,” said Croizon . “That was a spontaneous idea. Within two hours I had 54,000 followers. I had to keep my word and wrote to Elon Musk and said, voilà, my name is Philippe Croizon, I have no arms and no legs, I’m a French adventurer , send me into space. The guy has 50 million followers. I thought he’d never answer me. “

Far from it: Musk responded that same day with a promise to one day take Croizon on the Starship rocket for manned space missions. The head of the electric car manufacturer Tesla and the space company SpaceX wants to make life on other planets possible. SpaceX plans to send tourists into space for the first time this year. US billionaire Jared Isaacman is to take command, the remaining participants will be drawn by lot. When Croizon could go on board is not yet clear, but the promise is made.

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Perhaps Croizon will not be the only physically impaired person who flies into space: The European Space Agency is currently looking for astronauts and is also looking for disabled candidates for the first time.


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