Two carcinomas are “successfully” removed from the first lady of the United States, Jill Biden

The First Lady of the United States, Jill Bidenhas undergone an operation in which he has removed two carcinomas, one of them above the right eye and another on the side of the torso, as reported by the White House doctor, Kevin O’Connor. After the intervention, Jill Biden is “in a good mood and feels good”, although she experiences some swelling and bruising on her face.

Jill Biden is expected to return to the White House this Wednesday.

The injury was detected

Jill Biden has gone for surgery at the Walter Reed Medical Center (Maryland), on the outskirts of Washington, in an injury above the eye that was detected in a routine medical check-up. As a precaution, it was decided to remove it to study the tissue.

Still, in the latest update on the health status of The First Lady, O’Connor confirmed that it was a basal cell carcinoma.which is one of the most common skin cancers, above the right eye.

The doctor has explained that cancerous tissue has been “successfully removed” and that no other operation is planned in that area, although they will monitor “closely” that it heals optimally.

other injury

Before this operation, doctors they also detected another “small lesion” on the left eyelid. It was removed and is now being analyzed under the microscope. In addition, they found another basal cell carcinoma on the first lady’s left torso, which they removed “successfully.”

The doctor explained that this type of carcinomas they do not usually spread or metastasize, like other skin cancers such as melanomas or squamous cell carcinomas.

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