Two dead after numerous tornadoes in the southern United States

(Houston) Two people died in the southern United States overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday following more than thirty tornadoes which also caused material damage, according to the authorities.

Updated Nov 30, 2022

These storms notably hit Alabama overnight, killing two people in Montgomery County, local officials told AFP in a statement.

On Tuesday, a total of 36 tornadoes in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were recorded by the Storm Prediction Center of the American Meteorological Services (NWS / NOAA). He reports numerous declarations of material damage: falling trees, damaged buildings, electric poles on the ground.

At 10 a.m. Wednesday, 28,000 homes were without power in Alabama, 10,000 in Tennessee, according to the specialized site PowerOutage.

40 million people were under tornado vigilance on Tuesday evening, which allowed the population to be ready.

Local media thus reported that dozens of residents in certain localities in the south of the country had taken refuge as a preventive measure.


The situation, initially described as “particularly dangerous” by the SPC, should normalize on Wednesday according to the meteorological services.

The situation, initially described as “particularly dangerous” by the Storm Prediction Center, is due to end on Wednesday with thunderstorms that could still cause a handful of tornadoes in the southeast.

A series of tornadoes had already affected the southern United States in early November, mainly Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas, killing one person.

This meteorological phenomenon, as impressive as it is difficult to predict, is relatively common in the United States, especially in the center and south of the country.

It is nonetheless devastating at times. Nearly a year ago, in December 2021, about 80 people lost their lives after multiple tornadoes swept through Kentucky.

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