Two elite German soldiers with suspicious behavior lead US hospital to call FBI

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Alexandre Sutherland. Sputnik France

On a secret mission in Arizona, two German special forces soldiers visited a hospital for information. After they refused to disclose their identity, the hospital believed in preparations for an attack and contacted the FBI, reports Der Spiegel.

The unscrupulous behavior of two elite German soldiers could have created a diplomatic incident between Berlin and Washington, revealed the German magazine Der Spiegel on Saturday February 20. Since the beginning of the year, a German special forces team (Kommando Spezialkräfte) has been training on American soil in the greatest secrecy.

Two of its members went to a clinic in Arizona, wanting to know if it was possible to be treated there in the event of an accident or infection with the coronavirus. A check of emergency procedures is perfectly normal in this context, says the weekly, but the soldiers proceeded in a strange way.

Dressed in civilian clothes, they refused to disclose their identity. Instead of showing their papers, they only delivered a NATO document that was unusable by the hospital. Staff then feared that they were members of an armed militia wishing to inspect the facility for an attack and contacted the FBI.

Diplomatic imbroglio

Faced with American intelligence agents, the two soldiers finally revealed the reason for their presence. The FBI then contacted the German Embassy in Washington, but it was not aware of anything, as the exercise of the special forces was kept secret. It was only after numerous telephone conversations with Berlin that the situation was clarified.

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