Two Sanlorencinos adventurers left in their truck for Alaska –

A 20-year-old couple of San Lorenzo each set off on an adventure from the historic city to Alaska.

To do this, they prepared a truck that they adapted with the comforts of the case. And someone else is traveling with them: their 8-month-old puppy Colie.

It is about Inés and Nicolás, who decided to get out of the routine and live life, and learn from life, in another way.

They set out on December 31st and spent January 1st in Santa Fe.

They went to Córdoba, from there to La Rioja and so on until they reached San Carlos de Bariloche.

“We want to reinvent ourselves and live with what is necessary day by day, without pretending more or waiting too long, but enjoying even the minimum,” they told the portal 11Noticias from the town of Rio Negro.

They survive economically by selling scented candles and incense in different fairs, and they are also beginning to dabble in macramé, which is why they offer products made of bundled yarn.

With the profit obtained, they buy food and fuel to continue traveling, and with this they have been able to avoid, until now, reaching for their savings.

Throughout their adventure, they share their experiences in a travel blog through a YouTube channel “Espíritu Viajero 2021”. They are also on Instagram and Facebook, “where we share photos and the location of where we are for people who want to come and say hello and learn a bit about our history and what we have to sell,” they concluded.

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Source: 11News

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