Tyler Lockett reveals what the Seahawks need to do to beat the 49ers

On Monday night, Seattle Seahawks star receiver Tyler Lockett sat down with FanSided’s Matt Verderame to talk about what his team needs to do to beat the San Francisco 49ers.

Two matches. Two losses.

That’s the reality for the Seattle Seahawks against the San Francisco 49ers this year. The circumstances of these defeats are somewhat more difficult. In week two, the Seahawks’ offense was stalled, scoring only on a blocked field goal. Three months later, on a Thursday night at Lumen Field, Seattle managed to score just three runs before timeout.

However, Tyler Lockett has hope and thinks he knows the way for Seattle to create an upset during the NFC Wild Card round in San Francisco on Saturday afternoon.

“I think offensively we have to take the lead in the red zone,” Lockett said. “The last games we haven’t been able to score in the red zone, and I think that’s the difference between three points and seven points. As many chances as we have to be in this red zone, we must capitalize and finish. »

Lockett’s point about the red zone is apt. Despite being the best unit in the game, San Francisco’s defense only ranks 20th inside the 20-yard line, allowing touchdowns on 56.8 percent of the way. In contrast, Seattle’s offense is 28th with 47.3%.

In the two meetings between the two NFC West teams this season, Seattle’s offense has converted half the time. Frankly, the Seahawks need more opportunities, and then, as Lockett points out, they need to seize them.

Lockett spoke to FanSided about a campaign with Vita Coco, a leading brand of coconut water that has helped the former Kansas State star on her health and wellness journey since she was drafted to the NFL.

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