U.S. Congress Invasion Case, No Evidence of Intent to Kill Congressman = Washington Prosecutor’s Office |

Deputy Attorney General Michael Sherwin of Washington, DC, said yesterday that there was no “direct evidence” that intruders into the Capitol were collectively aimed at capturing and killing lawmakers. .. The photo is Jacob Chansley, who broke into the Capitol. Taken on the 6th (2021 Reuters / Stephanie Keith)

[Washington, 15th Reuters]-Acting Federal Attorney Michael Sherwin of Washington, DC, said on the 15th that intruders into the US Capitol were aiming to capture and kill members as a group. There is no “evidence”.

Sherwin said the evidence obtained so far could be “mismatched” as local authorities helped identify suspects in each district.

A federal prosecutor in Arizona requested the detention of Jacob Chansley, who was born in Arizona and supports the US far-right conspiracy theory “QAnon.” According to the submission, Mr. Chansley broke into the Capitol wearing a horned hat and warned Vice President Pence’s desk in the Senate, “It’s just a matter of time. The time for judgment is imminent.” “These strong evidence confirms that the intruder’s intention was to capture and assassinate U.S. senators,” he said in a memo.

Sherwin said at a news conference that day that he had filed 98 criminal charges and launched an investigation into more than 275 in connection with the invasion of Congress by supporters of President Trump.


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