U.S. federation executes woman’s death penalty for the first time in 67 years Immediately before the change of government –BBC News

January 13, 2021

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Lisa Montgomery convict on death row

On the 12th, the US Department of Justice executed the death row prisoner Lisa Montgomery (52), who had been sentenced to death for murder. It is the first time in 67 years that the federal government has executed the death penalty for women.

The Montgomery convict on death row was the only woman to be sentenced to death by the federal government.

Regarding the death row prisoner in Montgomery, lawyers have sought a commutation because of mental illness caused by childhood abuse. The federal district court in Indiana, where the prison is located, decided to postpone it on the 11th, but the Supreme Court overturned it, and the prison in Terre Haute, Indiana was executed on the 12th as scheduled by lethal injection.

In 2004, the Montgomery convict on death row strangled Bobby Joe Stinette, a pregnant woman at the age of 23, in Midori, slashing her body and kidnapping her baby.

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