U.S. Government Waits on Mexican Side to Revive Trump Administration’s Immigration Policy | Reuters

[Reuters]–The US administration of Biden will resume the policy of the former Trump administration, which puts refugee applicants to the United States on standby on the Mexican side during the examination period, following the judgment of the court. US and Mexican officials said yesterday.

President Biden withdrew the immigration protection protocol (commonly known as the Mexican Waiting Policy) shortly after taking office, but federal court ordered it to be revived for improper procedures.

The US government will address Mexico’s humanitarian concerns, including vaccination of applicants with the new coronavirus vaccine, officials from both countries said.

A senior U.S. government official said in a telephone interview that he would check if he could be persecuted or tortured if he returned to Mexico, and that he would make a legal representative available.

The immigration protocol will resume on the 6th, with a small number of people likely to be targeted at one border crossing. According to the Department of Homeland Security, it will be held at seven checkpoints in the future, including California, Arizona, and Texas.

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