U.S. midterm elections continue to tally in both houses Biden won’t give up on maintaining majority | Reuters

[フェニックス 10日 ロイター] – In the US midterm elections, two days after the balloting and counting, the majority in both houses of Congress has yet to be determined. Aggregation work can take several days.

In the US midterm elections on November 10, two days after the polls were voted, the majority in both houses of Congress had yet to be determined. The sun rises over the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., June 9, 2022. REUTERS/Tom Brenner

President Biden told reporters on Wednesday that the chance was “still alive,” showing that Democrats have not given up on maintaining majorities in both chambers.

Of the 435 seats in the two-year term House of Representatives and the 100 seats in the Senate, which serve six-year terms, 35 seats, or about one-third, are up for re-election.

Edison Research predicts that Republicans will win at least 211 seats in the House, but fall short of the 218-seat majority. A Reuters analysis of major bipartisan forecasts found 27 seats still undecided, with 16 of those seats particularly hotly contested.

The outcome of the Senate race will be determined by three states: Arizona and Nevada in the west, and Georgia in the south. In Georgia, a run-off between Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker will go to next month’s runoff. .

But if either the Democrats or the Republicans win both Arizona and Nevada, they will have a majority in the Senate. It will take several more days to count the late-arriving votes.

Midterm elections usually result in harsh results for the ruling party, but this time the ruling Democratic Party put up a better fight than expected, as many voters voted to protect the right to abortion.

Mr Biden said at a political event in Washington that “the voices of women in America have been heard”.

Republicans continue to be expected to retake control of the House of Representatives, but some within the party say the results are disappointing. Some party members have criticized Trump for losing high-profile candidates he backed, including prominent Pennsylvania surgeon Mehmed Oz.

The fading of Trump’s brand could further encourage Florida Governor DeSantis, who has just won re-election, to run for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Trump is expected to announce his third presidential run next week and sent reporters an invitation to a “special announcement” at a club in Florida on Thursday.

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