U.S. Protests – Congressmen Evacuated from Capitol, Trump Allowed National Guard to Be Involved

Explosive device found at GOP headquarters in Washington

Protesters at the Capitol

After supporters of US President Donald Trump burst into the Capitol building, congressmen began to be evacuated. Reported by CNN.

“US President Donald Trump ordered to send US National Guard troops to the building of the US Congress, where protesters broke in,” White House spokeswoman Kaley McEnany said on her Twitter.

Before that, dozens of local police officers from Montgomery County, Maryland, arrived on the scene.

In addition, an explosive device was found at the headquarters of the Republican Party in Washington, and it was defused, writes the New York Times.

Meanwhile, it became known about two victims during attempts by police officers to establish order in the Congress building.

One woman was hospitalized with gunshot wounds. She is in critical condition.

In addition, at least one police officer was hospitalized.

At the same time, Trump urged his supporters to behave peacefully.

“Please support our Capitol Police and law enforcement agencies. They really are on the side of our country. Keep the peace!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

According to one MP, members of the House of Representatives were evacuated.

US police are working to secure the second floor of the Capitol.

We will remind, earlier, on January 6, supporters of Donald Trump broke into the building of the US Congress, where they staged a pogrom.

in the Capitol today began a meeting of Congress, where they were supposed to count the votes of the electoral college and approve the elected President – Democrat Joe Biden. However, due to the objections of the Republicans, the meeting of the Congress was interrupted.

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At the same time, Trump said that he would not admit his defeat in the presidential election and “would never give up.”


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