U.S. South Ushered in the biggest snowfall in a decade, hundreds of thousands of people affected by power outages | Snowfall

Original title: Southern United States ushered in the biggest snowfall in ten years, hundreds of thousands of people affected by power outages Source: CCTV News Client

The biggest blizzard in a decade swept through the southern United States last weekend, bringing heavy snowfall to Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The snowfall in some areas can reach up to 22 cm. The snowfall in Waco, Texas reached 11 cm on Sunday (10th), breaking the 2.8 cm single-day snowfall record set in 1973 in one fell swoop. According to a report from the weather forecasting department on the morning of the 11th, the blizzard is still continuing and continues to move southeast, and has now expanded to Alabama and Tennessee.

As the southern region of the United States rarely experiences heavy snowfall, local residents lack experience in dealing with road icing caused by heavy snow, which has brought a great burden to local traffic conditions. Relevant departments have issued reminders to residents that unnecessary trips should be avoided. In addition, the heavy snowfall also caused a large-scale power outage. As of the morning of the 11th, the grid was paralyzed covering most areas of Texas and Louisiana, and more than 150,000 residents are expected to be affected by the power outage. At the same time, affected by the bad weather, some government departments and new crown testing centers in the above-mentioned areas have also been forced to suspend their services, and hundreds of schools have closed or switched to online teaching. (CCTV reporter Xu Xiao)

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