Udonis Haslem declares loss of 15 million in FTX case

Many athletes had invested in the FTX cryptocurrency platform, which went bankrupt a few weeks ago. Among them, Udonis Haslem, the Heat player, who claims to have lost nearly fifteen million dollars in the case.

You may have heard recently about FTX, this American cryptocurrency platform whose founder and former boss, Sam Bankman-Fried, is now facing major problems with the justice system in various countries, following the bankruptcy of his structure and the many debts resulting from his setbacks. Among the people who find themselves concerned, there is therefore the veteran interior of the Heat, to whom the affair will have cost nearly fifteen million dollars. A fairly substantial sum, even for professional athletes accustomed to earning millions a year (71 million dollars earned in career for Haslem).

“I got scammed for $15 million.”

– Udonis Haslem, via le Sun Sentinel

Fortunately for the player and his family, starting with his wife Faith and their three sons, the sums lost would not directly concern his personal fortune, but the amount of shares he owned in the company following his initial investment. Recall that FTX has a link with the Miami Heat, since it still has to this day a naming contract which allows him to give his name to the enclosure in which the players of Erik Spoelstra evolvealthough the franchise announced his intention to put an end to it as soon as possible. Haslem was also one of the main brand ambassadors within the framework of this partnership.

Other NBA players, former or current, have been directly or indirectly affected by this scandal. Shaquille O’Neal and Cade Cunningham suffered significant losses – including the Pistons point guard who was to receive cryptocurrency bonuses with BlockFi (which also went bankrupt shortly after the fall of FTX) – while Stephen Curry is part of it. like NFL legend Tom Brady, personalities who brought a class action against the founder. Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka, meanwhile, finds herself in a similar situation to Udonis Haslem.

The famous veteran of South Beach would have done well without this misadventure, as well as all the people concerned. We can nevertheless be reassured for him knowing that he has not put his family in danger despite the rather heavy losses he will have suffered in history.

Source texte : Sun Sentinel (via Heat Nation)

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