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Feb 15, 2:52 pm

Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, renowned Ukrainian singer Renata Stiefel got engaged to her lover named Charles on one of the most beautiful Cyprus coastlines of Ayia Napa.

See once and remember forever: stories of legendary logos

Jul 7, 14:15

A capacious and recognizable logo is an integral part of the company’s image. What should be the perfect logo? A memorable, easily grasped look and, of course, reflects the essence of the brand. And as a logo …

Natalia Bochkareva defended her studio school from the attacks of ill-wishers

Nov 15, 14:19

Last night, on the Instagram page of Natalia Bochkareva, a new post appeared about how the recent scandal that hit the shoulders of the actress affected the reputation of her own studio school.

16 Sep, 13:24

Alina Paliy has released a new video clip for the song “Romantic”, which was filmed in Paris. August turned out to be for Alina not only active and bright, but also eventful.

Young model Maria Romashkova about life on the catwalk, filming in the film and her resemblance to her daughter Ksenia Borodina

Aug 14, 12:11 pm

It just so happened that in the modern media space it is customary to write not about those who want to achieve success with their talent and beauty, but about those who must definitely deserve it. In particular, speech …

Aug 11, 5:09 pm

On August 6, the gala premiere of the romantic drama Berlin, I love you took place at the Oscar cinema (Gulliver shopping center).

Aug 2, 11:40 am

On July 31, the Oscar Cinema (Gulliver shopping center) hosted the gala premiere of the South Korean thriller Parasites, winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, 2019.

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