Ukraine suffers from power outages due to Russian attacks; Russia warns that it is dangerous to follow them for the grain agreement and more

The war between russia and ukraine arrives at your day 250 since its inception on February 24, when the Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered a “special military operation” to free the pro-Russian population of the Ukrainian region of Donbas.

Today, Monday, October 31 guerra came to his day 250in the Ukraine suffers from electrical outages and of agua by attacks y massive bombing Russians.

While Russia warns that it is dangerous to continue, they are for the cereal and grain agreementhowever, the Soviet country decided on Saturday to suspend the agreement that allowed export cereals from Ukraine through the Black Sea after an attack on his fleet in the sevastopol port.

The July agreement to unlock the grain exports signed between Russia and Ukraine, and mediated by Turkey and the UN, is essential to alleviate the world food crisis caused by the conflict.

While the military offensive and defense persists for both sides, because the Russian troops have gone to the defensive on much of the front, while the Ukrainian army on Sunday maintained pressure in the south with a view to retaking the city of Kherson, the only Ukrainian regional capital captured by Russia since the beginning of its military campaign.

The military part offered on Sunday by the Russian Defense Ministry states that Russian forces have repelled Ukrainian attacks in various sectors of a front of more than 1,000 kilometers.

The Kremlin warns that “it is dangerous” to apply the grain agreement without Russia

The implementation of Grain export agreement from Ukrainian ports after the abandonment of Russia is risky and dangerousthe Kremlin warned today.

“When Russia talks about the impossibility of guaranteeing the safety of navigation in these areas, an agreement of this type is hardly feasible and acquires a much more risky, dangerous and unguaranteed character”

Dmitri Peskov, spokesman for the Russian Presidency

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoganexpressed hours before his country’s commitment to maintain the grain export agreement from Ukraine, despite Russia’s departure from it.

“Although Russia has doubts about it because it is not given the same facilities, we will continue to make an effort to serve humanity,” said the president of Turkey, which together with Ukraine, Russia and the United Nations has participated in the agreement that since last summer It has allowed the movement of 9.5 million tons of grain and other foods.

When asked about Ankara’s position, the Kremlin spokesman replied that “Russia continues contacts with the Turkish side through diplomatic channels and other institutions.”

As for the conditions for Moscow’s return to the pactPeskov said it is “a complicated issue.” “I will only tell you that the contacts continue,” he insisted during his daily press conference.

He also assured that it was the actions of the Ukrainian side, alluding to the drone attack on Russian Navy ships in Sevastopol, Crimea, which called into question the agreement.

Despite Russia’s decision to withdraw from the agreement, two ships loaded with grain and other agricultural products left Ukrainian ports on Monday, according to a shipping website.

“Civilian ships can never be a military target or taken hostage, food must circulate,” Amir M. Abdulla, the UN coordinator for the Black Sea Grains Initiative, said in a tweet Monday.

Wheat and flour. (Internet)

The United States urges Russia to return to the Ukrainian grain export agreement

USA urged Russia to return to Ukrainian grain export deal and accused the Kremlin of instrumentalize los foods on the guerra.

“Russia’s decision to withdraw from the pact, brokered by the United Nations, has a direct impact on low-income countries… and on global food prices.”

Antony Blinken, United States Secretary of State

Russia decided on Saturday to suspend the agreement that allowed the export of grain from Ukraine through the Black Sea after an attack on its fleet in the port of Sevastopol.

The president of United States, Joe Bidenalso criticized the action of the government of Vladimir Putin, assuring that Russia has no reason to make that decision, which he described as “outrageous”.

“It’s going to increase hunger,” the president stressed to a group of reporters in Delaware.

Russia said on Sunday that before talking about a possible return to the agreement, all the circumstances of Saturday’s attack by the Russian Black Sea Fleet must be clarified.

For its part, the Ukrainian government reported that the suspension of the agreement it has resulted in the blocking of 176 ships that had already sailed from Ukrainian ports, but he argued that in September Russia deliberately began slowing down the corridor to block the deal.

More than 8 million metric tons of food have been transported through the agreementwhich was signed in Istanbul last July, according to UN data.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden (Andrew Harnik / AP)

Ukraine suffers from power and water cuts due to massive Russian attacks and bombardments

And “massive Attack” Russian hit this Monday energy installations in several regions of Ukraine, which left without water to 80% of the users of the capital, Kievand without light to “hundreds of localities” in seven regions of the country.

“More than 50 cruise missiles were launched” at targets across the country on Monday morning. Since 0700 (0500 GMT) on October 31, the Russian occupiers carried out several waves of missile attacks against critical infrastructure in Ukraine… 44 missiles were shot down”

ukrainian army

Russia confirmed that it hit energy facilities in Ukraine with “high-precision weapons.”

“All designated targets were hit,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

These bombing occur days after Russia blamed Ukraine. of the drone attacks to its the Crimean fleet in the Black Sea.

“Currently, due to the emergency situation in kyiv, 80% of users do not have water. Engineers are also working to restore electricity to a damaged facility that supplies some 350,000 households in kyiv.

Vitali Klitschko, mayor of the Ukrainian capital

Prime Minister Denis Shmihal said there were power outages in “hundreds” of towns in seven Ukrainian regions.

“Russian terrorists have again launched a massive attack on energy system facilities in various regions,” Ukrainian presidential adviser Kirilo Timoshenko lamented.

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War Russia Ukraine (DANIEL LEAL / AFP)

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