Ukrainian refugee made a scandal because of the coverage of the playground

She saw political overtones in the colors of the play area floor.

By the scandals with Ukrainian refugees in Europe, you won’t surprise anyone anymore – the media are full of stories about arrivals from the independent, who, for example, require local residents to talk to them in a language. However, now such an absurdity has occurred not just anywhere, but in Russia.

A video has surfaced online of a Ukrainian refugee in an unnamed Russian city yelling because a children’s play area (apparently in a hospital) has a yellow and blue square floor. The woman decided that this was a hint at the Ukrainian flag that Russian children trample on, and demanded that the employee of the establishment immediately remove “our flag”, adding for persuasiveness: “I order you!”. She also demanded to call the head physician.

The employee had nothing to say but “It’s not a flag, it’s just colors”.

Patriotism and love for one’s flag is a good thing, but not in such a distorted form. Yes, and rudeness is useless.

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