Unicode 15.0 is already published with 4,500 new characters, 20 emojis and symbols for the trans-Neptunian planets, among others

By @Alvy — September 16, 2022

The Unicode it is probably the best invention since the roman alphabet and the ASCII code. Since Apple and Xerox engineers invented it back in 1987 to facilitate the display of texts in various languages ​​and symbol languages, it has evolved from one version to another; right now it has already reached version 15, as it is told in Announcing The Unicode Standard, Version 15.0.

Unicode 15

This new version adds 4,489 new characters to the total, which is already 149,186 characters in 161 languages/styles, to which two new ones have been added (Nag Mundari, from India, and Kaktovi, from the Inuit of Alaska). There’s also 20 new emoji like the flipe face, the wifi bars or the hands of quietoparao in various versions.

Unicode 15

Among the new symbols there are also five new prepare the trans-trans-Neptunian Neptunian objects: Orcus, Haumea, Quaoar, Makemake and Gonggong, which are united by Ceres, Pluton, Eris and Sedna.


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