United States: 250 migrants died at the border in 2020

Texas, United States

A total of 248 immigrant remains were found along the US border. U.S and Mexico during fiscal year 2020, the lowest figure in more than two decades.

According to information provided this Tuesday to Efe by the Customs Office and Border Protection (CBP), more than 60% of these deaths were recorded on the border with Texas.

The sectors where the most deaths were reported was in the Rio Grande Valley Sector, in the extreme south of Texas and where 57 deaths were registered, while in the neighboring Laredo Sector 54 deaths were reported.

The El Río Sector reported 34 deaths, while the Big Bend and El Paso Sector reported 15 and 10 deaths, respectively.

In this way, the Texan sectors of CBP accounted for 170 of the 248 deaths recorded in the last fiscal year, which ended on September 30, 2020.

The lowest figure

For its part, the Tucson Sector, which covers 90% of the Arizona border with Mexico, reported 42 deaths.

CBP’s figures of 248 migrant deaths during fiscal year 2020 is the lowest number reported by this federal agency in more than two decades, when it reported 249 deaths in fiscal year 1999.

In the past fiscal year 2019 CBP reported a total of 300 deaths, while in fiscal year 2018 and 2017, 283 and 298 deaths were reported, respectively.

These are the bodies and remains of people who are suspected of having died in their attempt to cross the border illegally.

CBP’s official figures are different from those generally reported by immigrant rights groups, who base their data on figures provided by Coroner’s Offices and consulates along the border.

During fiscal year 2020, CBP reported an increase in the number of migrant rescues along the border with Mexico, registering a total of 5,221 rescues, up from the 4,920 reputed in fiscal year 2019.

Of the 5,221 reported rescues, 3,460 occurred within the Laredo Sector in Texas.


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