United States: Lauren Daigle gives more than 700,000 euros to charities

She works for the less fortunate. Lauren Daigle has indeed given 681,000 dollars, or 718,000 euros to several of the musical charities. Among them are Ellis Marsalis Center, Roots of Music, NOCCA, KidSmart and Young Audiences of Louisiana. Gospel Music Association thus reports that their missions are to “serve underserved communities by allowing more children and young adults to perform on stage”.

“I am truly moved and inspired”

Through her foundation The Price, the Christian singer, double winner of a Grammy Award, is committed to helping children, the elderly and people in need. “I’m truly moved and inspired by the passion and commitment I’ve seen from everyone involved in all of these organizations, not to mention the tireless and seemingly endless work done by their volunteers,” he said. artist.

The interpreter of “You Say”, 5 million views on YouTube, launched The Price foundation in 2019. As its website describes, its goal is “to inspire hope and love among all people, regardless of background. Lauren Daigle invests time in people and actively works to heal the wounds and injustices suffered by others. Over the past three years, 37 non-profit organizations have received $2.2 million. Spectators can their way contribute to this fund. This is done at through donations via ticket sales, merchandise sales and streaming.

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