United States: one week before the inauguration of Joe Biden, concerns about security

Should we fear new major overflows? This is the question that animates the police and political leaders in Washington DC one week before the inauguration of Joe Biden, on January 20. This will take place on the steps of the Capitol, invaded by pro-Trump demonstrators on January 6.

Everything will take place in a very special atmosphere, with many eyes turned towards the police. Two Capitol Hill operatives have been suspended and ten are currently under investigation for possibly playing a role in the riot in Congress. Another, Howard Liebengood, present on January 6, committed suicide a few days after the facts, without knowing for sure if his death was linked to the invasion of the Capitol. Finally, Brian Sicknick, an agent, was killed in the attack.

This could increase the tension of the police when it comes to dealing with new violent individuals on January 20. Because if Donald Trump will not be present at the ceremony, and that he should therefore not make a public speech, some of his supporters are already planning to go there before the nomination. According to ABCNews, the FBI is already worried about armed protests in the capital on January 16. Up to 15,000 members of the National Guard could also be deployed to provide security.

But that’s not all. According to FBI information, protesters plan to organize armed demonstrations in front of the capitol buildings of the 50 states of the country. ABCNews explains that local law enforcement agencies have been advised to increase their surveillance in the coming days. Asked about the issue by journalists on January 11, Joe Biden assured that he was “not afraid to take an oath” under these conditions.

Investigations into the most violent demonstrators on January 6 continue during this time. Indeed, dozens of people have already been apprehended by the police, including a man from Alabama who traveled to Washington with a pickup truck containing 11 molotov cocktails, an assault rifle and three pistols.

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