United States, released after death sentence: acquitted after 26 years

An incredible news that comes directly from the United States: freed 26 years after receiving the death sentence

United States, the news that he is unbelievable: freed 26 years after the death sentence (source getty)

A news that’s incredible and which arrives directly from the United States in these hours: released 26 years after his death sentence. Just yesterday it had bounced everywhere and had caused much discussion about another episode linked to the death penalty: the execution of the sentence of Lisa Montgomery. Today, the judicial epilogue of a story that went on for twenty-six years is very different, fortunately. Eddie Lee Howard, sixty-seven, was released after being cleared of the charges he was convicted of to the death penalty. The incredible announcement, reported by TGCOM24, it is certainly sensational. The intervention of Innocence Project: let’s find out the whole story in detail.

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Free after 26 years and sentenced to the death penalty

News that leaves you speechless. Eddie Lee Howard he had been arrested on suspicion of raping and killing an 84-year-old woman whose body was found lifeless in his home. There Death penalty for the man it had been established on trial after the analysis of some bites present on the woman’s body. Thanks to the fundamental intervention of Innocence Project, a non-profit association that deals with convictions for judicial errors, has come to a turning point. New analyzes were carried out, other witnesses were heard and new tests were made on the DNA found on the victim. Eddie Lee Howard is innocent, he is not the culprit. The man was able to leave prison and, above all, have his death sentence revoked.

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United States
Eddie Lee Howard cleared of all charges (source getty)

“The reality is that there has never been any evidence against Eddie Lee Howard,” Eddie’s attorney explained. The latter, however, wanted to thank Innocence Project: “Without them I would still be waiting to be executed.” A truly magnificent and surprising ending thankfully!

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