University of Alabama

University of Alabama (English University of Alabama) is an American university located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It is one of the oldest and largest universities in the state of Alabama. The University of Alabama offers study programs across 13 academic divisions leading to bachelor’s, master’s, specialist’s education and doctoral degrees. The university houses the only law school in the state. Academic programs not available elsewhere at the University of Alabama include doctoral programs in anthropology, library and information research, metallurgy, music, Romance languages, and social work.


The official name of the institution is the University of Alabama. The officially accepted abbreviation is English. UA. The city where the university is located must be added to the name of the university to distinguish it from sister universities (University of Alabama at Birmingham and University of Alabama at Hunstville) Alabama University Systems


In 1818, Congress allocated a campus to establish a “seminary of instruction.” When Alabama was admitted to the United States of America (December 14, 1819), a second borough was added to the Land Grant, bringing it to a total of 46,000 acres (186 km²). The Alabama General Assembly established the seminary on December 18, 1820 and named it “University of Alabama”, and created a Board of Trustees to manage the construction and operation of the university. The council chose as its campus a site that was then just outside the city limits of Tuscaloosa, in the state capital at the time. The new campus was designed by William Nichols, who is also the architect of the recently completed Alabama State Capitol Building and Christ Episcopal Church. Influenced by Thomas Jefferson, Nichols developed a 70 feet (21 m) wide, 70 feet (21 m) high campus that served as the library and the nucleus of the campus. The first president of the university was represented in the charter of the university. UA opened its doors to students on April 18, 1831.

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The University of Alabama has 13 academic divisions, eight of which provide undergraduate degrees. Master, Specialist and Doctor degrees in these eight departments are awarded after graduation from the Graduate School. Medical students study at the School of Medicine, after which they receive their degree.

The College of Continuing Education provides correspondence courses and other types of distance education opportunities for students.

University of Alabama enrollment reached a record 37,665 students as of Fall 2016. The first-year introductory class of 7,559 students is the largest in the history of the university and with the highest scores. More than 40% of the freshman class, 7,559, scored 30 or more in ACT, up from last year’s record of 36%.

In total, 573 full-time study programs and 87 distance learning programs are available at the University of Alabama. By the number of students enrolled, the most popular faculties are (the percentage is indicated relative to all university students):

29% – Business, Management, Marketing and related disciplines.

12% – Communication, journalism and related disciplines.

9% – Areas related to health.

8% – Education.

8% – Engineering.

Founded in 1971 and merged with the College of Arts and Sciences in 1996, New College provides students with more flexibility in choosing their curriculum when pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. The program provides students with “deep learning” in a particular field chosen by the student.


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