Unplanned stopover in Prague: Baby was born on a plane

A woman went into labor on a flight from Birmingham to Bucharest. The boy was in a hurry: he was born in the air.

PRAGUE – The birth of a baby on board has forced an airliner into an unplanned landing at Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague. The machine was actually on its way from Birmingham to Bucharest, as the CTK news agency reported on Friday. Despite the hasty change of course, the boy was born in the air. A spokeswoman for the CTK airport service said the mother and child were doing well. Both were taken to a Prague clinic.

The other passengers were able to continue the flight after the unforeseen stopover. Prague Airport boss Jiri Pos wished the newborn good luck on Twitter. A spokesman said the newborn boy weighed 2.75 kilograms and his mother was a Romanian who was flying home from the UK. (APA, dpa)

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