US court denies defense of public charge rule for migrants


Washington.- The United States Supreme Court rejected, this Monday, January 9, the attempt to defend an immigration law promoted by the former president Donald Trump. It prevented some migrants could access permanent residence in the country.

The court dismissed a lower court appeal in which 14 prosecutors from traditionally conservative states asked to uphold the “public charge«, after the government of the president Joe Biden issued a new regulation to relax it.

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That “public charge” regulation denies permanent residency to applicants likely to depend on public support for their livelihood.

According to national media, the petition was led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, and was accompanied by his colleagues from Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina and W.V.

The US Supreme Court resumed its activity on Monday with the first cases of 2023, which could affect labor laws or the legal immunity of foreign nations.

The highest US judicial body will hear the arguments of seven cases in these first two weeks, although none of them allude to the policies of President Joe Biden, such as the cancellation of student debt -blocked by Justice in October- or the Title 42which will be discussed later.

The judges will hear their first immigration case of the year on January 17, which affects transgender women. Leon Santos Zacariawho said she fled Guatemala after being raped and receiving death threats because of her gender identity.

In this case, the high court will study the requirement that migrants exhaust “all available administrative remedies” before appealing their immigration decisions in court, after a court found that Santos-Zacaria I hadn’t fulfilled it. EFE



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